History of Thunga

Thunga Hospital established in the year 2001 began its progressive journey towards offering quality healthcare services with great commitment and compassion. Beginning with a relatively small but caring healthcare unit in Mira Road, the hospital has today grown into a state-of-the-art high quality healthcare hospital in Mumbai.

Initially with just a few beds, the hospital soon grew to being one of city's significant and professionally run private hospital.

In the year 2012 Thunga hospital entered into a joint venture with Tata Steel to build a day care center in the Industrial area of Boisar to facilitate healthcare services for industrial employees. With the funding of Tata Steel, the hospital set up a center with IPD 12 beds and an ICU which was the first of its kind in the area of Boisar.

Later in the years, as the healthcare demand grew so did the number of beds and facilities grew. With an aim to provide the most up-dated diagnostic and treatment facilities in the field of healthcare, we accelerated expansion of the hospital for better patient care services.

The hospital soon set a blue print to build the city’s first multi-specialty private sector hospital. Today, equipped with the latest technology modern equipments, the hospital provides the best patient care service to people in the city. The hospital holds a lot of trust and respect of the people it serves. Here, people are not just patients with file number, but ailing people with medical needs to whom we treat and care like our own.

Today, we are a multispecialty healthcare hospital renowned for our medical excellence, dedication of its consultants and care and compassion of its staff towards its patients. The hospital has set a reputable name in the industry of healthcare and established itself as one of the foremost hospitals in the city.


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